Proof The Narcissist Loves No One

Narcissists do not love anyone, but they are very good at deceiving people into thinking that they do. In this video I did a while back I laid out how Narcissists behave when they think they are in love. Because although we know they can’t. Narcissists think the infatuation that they experience for a new romantic interest is actually love. But they do not know what true love is and their fake love is fickle, selfish and floats away with the wind as quickly as it came.

Unfortunately, some people still think that the Narcissist must have some feeling of love for them.  Whether it is cognitive dissonance or refusing to accept that they are in love with someone who does not love them they hang on. Believing that there must be some good, some love within the Narcissist somewhere. But whether it is a Narcissistic parent, partner, child etc. They are all the same. Narcissists cannot love their partners, children, parents, or anyone for that matter.

The first sign is that they treat people as objects.

You are only as important to them as you are useful to them, and you need to be available when they need you. No matter how charming or polite a Narcissist appears, if you pay attention, you will realize that they only contact you or become attentive when they want something from you. Narcissists are users; they see people as things they can exploit for their own benefit. They view you as an object that should perform when they demand it, without caring how you feel about it or if it inconveniences you. You are nothing more than a tool, an object for their satisfaction.

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