10 Reasons Why Narcissists Will Come Back To You

Narcissists don’t just leave when they’re done with you. They’re not the kind of people to just disappear. Narcissists like to play games with people, especially if they know you won’t put up much of a fight. It’s easy for them to keep coming back. They will come back at some point, and it’s essential to be prepared. Let’s expose narcissists together in this article. Here are 10 reasons why narcissists will come back after you.

Their new supply is failing them.

Narcissists are notorious for their ability to draw in a new supply, but that doesn’t mean they won’t return for more of the same, especially when their new supply isn’t working well. When you were together, your narcissist could manipulate you into being his or her ideal partner by using tactics like gaslighting, projection, and verbal abuse. But now that you’re no longer together, Your narcissist is having trouble replicating those behaviors with their new partner. Narcissists know how effective their manipulation techniques are, and feel they can always use them against you again. Narcissists keep coming back as long as they think they can get that supply from you because no one will give them what they want.

Narcissists want to prove that they still have control over you.

One reason a narcissist will come back after you is that they want to prove that they still have control over you. After all, if they could keep you in the relationship for so many years, they would probably feel it would be easy for them to do it again. Narcissists know that if they can get you back, it’s a victory for them. They’ll feel more powerful, and they’ll be able to show other people that they still have power over you. Narcissists love having power over people and situations. If they feel someone has gotten away from them or left them for good, they will try as hard as possible to prove that they can get that person back and retake control.

10 Things The Narcissists Do When They Realize You are No Longer Interested in Them

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