10 Things The Narcissists Do When They Realize You are No Longer Interested in Them

For a narcissist, displaying no interest does not imply that it is over. Whatever they want from you, they’ll get it eventually, even if they notice that you are no longer interested in them. They are narcissists who find a way to get you on their side again.

Today I will show you 10 things narcissists do when they realize you are no longer interested in them.

Narcissists pose as the nice and charming people you once knew.

A narcissist will find different ways to entice you back into their traps. When the narcissist realizes you are no longer interested, they’ll let you see the kind and charming person you once knew. Narcissists want their supplies back and we’ll go to any length to obtain them. They believe that they can once again impress, deceive, and control you by resembling that kind and charming person that you want. Never believe a narcissist when he or she displays kindness; they have no empathy. They look friendly and helpful to get people to cheer and praise them for being good. Being friendly and kind is a way for narcissists to manipulate you and others who are watching. Don’t be fooled, they’ve already shown their true self to you and believe they will never change.

Narcissists will remind you how much of a great team you both make.

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