Narcissists Silent Treatment 6 Tips To End It FOREVER

the silent treatment is one of the narcissists favorite weapons of abuse, and yes it is abuse. just because you don’t have scars on your body, just because you don’t have black eyes does not mean that it is not abuse.

the silent treatment is meant to emotionally torture you. It erodes your self-confidence or self-esteem and it slowly kills your well to survive because it makes you feel powerless. In pain yet powerless.

Today I want to talk about 6 things that will help you to end the silent treatment forever. but remember, they only work not by learning them but by putting them into practice.

1 do not apologize

In a healthy relationship, if the other party is mad at you, it is important to self-analyze and think “okay did I do something wrong oh we’re on a tight budget and I just spent a thousand dollars on clothes of course he or she is mad at me” In a healthy relationship it would be wise to apologize and to reach out absolutely, but in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist, the narcissist rages over things that don’t make sense. They pull an amazing Darbo, which is deny attack reverse victim-offender roles. We’ll talk about that in another article. And you are left apologizing for something you didn’t do. Why is it bad to apologize?

first of all, you’re supporting a lie. The narcissist is angry over something that you didn’t do, it’s an alleged narcissistic injury that they felt not they’re feeling narcissistic rage, and they want to blame someone for it and you are their target so if you apologize you are virtually feeding the narcissists reality, their false reality making them think they are right and you are wrong. If you apologize you have fell into their game and you are doing everything that they want you to do and you’re losing yourself, you’re feeling beaten down and you’re feeling out of control.

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