Top 5 Reasons Narcissists REJECT Us S.e.xually

Today, we are talking about something that almost all narcissists do to their partner at some point or another. Specifically, we’re discussing when the narcissist withholds love, affection, and even s.e.x from you. Why do they do this, and what are the ramifications for you if you are going through this?

Today, we’re talking about a very real, confusing, and humiliating tactic that narcissists use: withholding love, affection, or s.e.x from their partner. In this article, I’m going to give you my top five reasons why narcissists do this.

Number one: Everything that the narcissist does is about power and control.

Nothing is more important to a narcissist than gaining control over their partner. Typically, in the beginning of the relationship, the narcissist will get us hooked on them by love-bombing us, and s.e.x will often be a big part of this. It’s not uncommon for the s.e.x to be wonderful in the beginning, and usually, the narcissist makes us feel like we have met our soulmate. Then, all of a sudden, after several weeks or months of this, they start rejecting us. We are left confused, hurt, bewildered, and often humiliated by this rejection.

Usually, this will throw us into overdrive of trying to get to the bottom of it – to figure out what has happened, what has changed, and why they are rejecting us. The answer is: it has nothing to do with us. This is a power play and has nothing to do with anything that we have or haven’t done. The only reason the narcissist is doing this is because it makes them feel superior, and they enjoy the narcissistic supply that they gain from hurting you and watching you struggle.

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