Narcissists Have 2 Types of Interests in Their Children

Since narcissists see their kids as little other than an extension of themselves, they would do anything necessary to impede their growth into self-sufficient adults. At a young age, something that approaches a completely functional human being would be obstructed.

Since freedom means their children will inevitably quit, and leaving means losing power, they will try all they can to avoid this. They’d prefer their children were reliant for the remainder of their lives than see them thrive on their own.

What narcissists say of their offspring

Only if they stand to profit directly from their children’s progress would narcissists continue to see them thrive. It may be material riches, but they would choose anything that elevates their personal prestige, such as strength and control. They don’t see their children as individuals; rather, they see them as extensions of themselves, as previously said. An incentive for their kid is often a reward for them.

This is not to be confused with the pride that parents experience as a consequence of their child’s successes in life. When the parents are genuinely happy for someone else’s success, especially if that someone is their child. It isn’t genuine delight in seeing someone realize their dreams and ambitions.

It’s close to winning the draw.

Narcissists assume that the whole universe revolves around them. That someone is on the alert for an opportunity to exploit someone else. A never-ending predator-prey game in which all you can do is expect to be the attacker more frequently than the prey. And if you excel, you would have had a happy life. A life with a reptilian brain, of which their own children are just a part of the game.

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