Narcissists Cannot Tolerate Authenticity

Today, I want to talk about the fact that narcissists cannot tolerate your authenticity and what they try to do about it. We have to accept that not only are narcissists fake people, but they also hate authentic individuals. It bothers them when they realize that someone is not faking life the way they are. It bothers them when others find actual enjoyment in the simplicities of life. Authentic people are honest with themselves and others, while narcissists do neither. They deceive themselves and others into believing they are something they are not.

When it comes to romantic relationships and friendships with a narcissist, it may seem like they want to make you happy and that you make them happy. They convince you that they would do anything to keep you happy, but it is just a tactic to seduce you and entangle you in their lives. They also seek positive narcissistic supply during this time. What they truly enjoy is seeing you fall for an illusion. They relish seeing you become captivated and falling in love with the persona they have created. It fuels their ego to know that their tactics are working. However, once they have conquered you or gained control over you, it is no longer acceptable for you to be happy. The more they realize that you genuinely portrayed yourself from the start, the more it troubles them. They realize that you are real and better than them, which disturbs them because authenticity should not be possible when they are not authentic themselves.

In the mind of a narcissist, you need to be fake, miserable, and tormented like them. Therefore, it also disturbs them when others around them find happiness or peace. The narcissist feels like it is their mission to eradicate your peace and happiness with their drama, lies, and confusion. So, if a narcissist is in your life and they realize you are having success in your friendships or romantic relationships, they will try to put an end to that. They will plant seeds of discord if they can or turn someone against you. Narcissists love spreading lies or rumors about other people. They use their tongues to cause divisions and distrust. Behind your back, they will work feverishly to take away what you have. If a narcissist is in your life, they do not want you to be happy. They will try to stop you from enjoying your regular TV show, get you kicked out of a social group, or make you uncomfortable, anxious, and constantly stressed. They will try to take away the smallest satisfaction you find in life because they hate it when people are happy. The only time they can tolerate your happiness is if you are happy for their success, not because of anything pertaining to you.

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