What The Narcissist Fears The Most About You

Narcissists have many fears. Some are greater than others. And when it comes to the covert narcissist, their fears are the biggest because they have so much to hide. Everything about them is a lie, and as a result, maintaining that fake image takes a lot more work. It requires them to have a level of control that can help them to maintain their fakery efficiently.

So, for those closest to them, who know more and see more, the narcissist is crueler and more oppressive in order to keep them under their control. But once you discover what the covert narcissist fears most about you, it can greatly change the dynamics of your relationship with them. So, today’s article is all about what the covert narcissist fears the most about you, meaning those who are still under their control. Narcissists always want to control the narrative of how they are perceived, not just by the general public but also by those who are closest to them. They want you to fear them and love them all at the same time. That is the only way for them to ensure that you are not going anywhere, and you are not going to do anything to put their image or reputation on the line.

How to Make a Narcissist PANIC

The Less You understand better. And that is why one of the first things the narcissist fears most about those closest to them is that you discover the truth of who they are. They do not want you to catch on to the lies and emotional games that they play. They want you to remain confused and ignorant of their devices. They want you to remain under their control. Because the narcissist knows that if you realize their true nature and what they are about, that can lead to more of their fears becoming a reality. Because once you know that you are dealing with a narcissist, it is usually best to get away from them. And the narcissist fears being abandoned or rejected, but that is what happens as a result of realizing that you were living with and even sleeping with the enemy. You start rejecting their company, ideas, or proposals, and you start distancing yourself from them. And this is where the issue lies, because the narcissist has no problem discarding anyone, but they don’t ever want to be the one discarded.

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