What The Narcissist Fears The Most About You

Narcissists hate being told no, and they hate being alone. That is why they would prefer that none of their narcissistic supplies ever reject them or abandon them. Control is everything to the narcissist. They want to be the ones to control who stays in their lives and who goes, but they never want to be alone.

The other fear that the narcissist has as a result of your newfound knowledge is that you try to unmask them or expose them. To prevent this, the narcissist will go to either extremes, where they try to love-bomb you back under their control, or they try to destroy your reputation first before you destroy theirs. The covert narcissist does not care about anyone but themselves. And they are prepared to go to any lengths necessary to protect their image and reputation. So, when it comes to exposing the narcissist, you will need hard evidence and lots of it.

Another thing the covert narcissist fears is that you recognize your own self-worth. The narcissist tears down the self-esteem and self-confidence of those closest to them to maintain their power over them. And that is why, although someone sometimes discovers the true nature of the narcissist, they do not have the strength to leave. They feel so broken and destroyed, but if they are able to recuperate some of that strength and self-love in order to clearly see their self-worth and believe in themselves once more, only then will they be able to leave the narcissist behind. And that is why your empowerment scares them. Because in discovering your strength and self-love, you will become harder to manipulate and control. You will also realize their own insecurities, weaknesses, and how deprived they really are. and the fact that they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Because at the end of the day, narcissists are weak, insecure cowards who project their deficiencies onto others. But the narcissist starts losing their power over you when you empower yourself and gain or regain self-love and self-confidence. Because these virtues can not only free you from your current narcissist, but they can also help protect you from entertaining such toxicity ever again.

Final Thoughts

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