Manipulate a Narcissist (The way to Ethically Manipulate the Manipulator)

You are in the fight of your life. There’s no doubt in my mind. They have one goal, and that is to take you down. It’s to make your life miserable. It’s to control you. It’s to make you squirm. That’s what they want in the negotiation. And so you are not playing on a level playing field. You, a reasonable person, are going, “Well, I just want what’s fair. And maybe we can both come to a reasonable conclusion.

Maybe there’s some way we can sort of meet in the middle or whatever.” You cannot do that when you are dealing with a narcissist. Because a narcissist doesn’t want to come to a reasonable conclusion. They want to make you miserable. They get narcissistic supply from that. And remember that narcissistic supply is anything that feeds a narcissist’s ego. It’s what they need to build themselves up. So they’re constantly looking for it. They’re like sharks smelling blood in the water and, “There is more supply and there I can get more supply, and there I can get more supply.

They’re like hoarding it and desperate for it. They are predators, and they need an endless amount of narcissistic supply. It’s like a black hole that can never be filled. And they get narcissistic supply in a negotiation by making you squirm, by making you miserable. So the only way that you’re going to fight back against that is by ethically basically manipulating the manipulator. And if you are so ready to fight back against that narcissist, give me a fight back right now in the comments. So how do you do that?

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