Is Narcissism Evil? | Are Narcissists Evil?

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Today’s question is, is narcissism evil?

 Now, this is an interesting question, it’s a kind of blend of philosophy and science but I’ve heard this question in many forms, are narcissists evil? Are narcissists bad people? Does evil lead the narcissism? Does narcissism lead to evil?

So, a lot of different questions but all the same theme, looking at this potential relationship between narcissism and evil. So, this one’s kind of difficult question to answer because it wanders into a few different areas, as I mentioned this is really looking at philosophy and science.

 Now, I could talk about philosophy and science for hours, I’m a big fan of philosophy, theology, science all how we can understand the world, all the ways we can seek wisdom but usually, in my articles, I try to focus more on the science side, because psychopathology and counseling and appraisal in all these different areas are primarily scientific, and the way we understand them and apply them as counselors.

 So, just a quick overview of philosophy and science and I’ll do my best to answer this question.

 If we look at how we understand the world, how we gain wisdom, and we go back many years. First, we see there was philosophy, and then natural philosophy was developed and that led to science. So, what was called natural philosophy we now call science?

we have a philosophy which is the love of wisdom it’s an application of reason or logic, in order, to find knowledge and we usually think about it to find meaning and life for kind of existential purposes that why we’re here what we should do morals ethics.

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