How To Make The Narcissist MISS YOU After Discard

Today is an interesting topic is how to make the narcissist miss you

Now, this is a topic that is kind of off my normal beaten path because my logic normally is.

Who cares how the narcissist feels? It’s all about you now, moving on, and caring about yourself. That’s my normal message, and I still firmly believe in that. But I get many people that email me saying that they have been sucked back into the relationship. They continue to pour themselves out there, spit out like an old piece of gum, and the concept of being used up all over again, giving more to the relationship. And then, being treated so worthless has them stuck and unable to care for themselves, and it’s understandable because of the trauma that you go through after giving so much of yourself.

To be tossed aside and treated as If you never existed, as if you meant nothing really leaves a person dented in their self-esteem in their confidence in their self-value.

So it’s understandable how you can get stuck. So if this is your case, if you are always being sucked back into our relationship with a narcissist who loves bombs you, pulls you in then discards you over and over as if you’re a Yo-Yo you’re playing this game of being pulled in and pushed out so much that you can’t seem to break it, and part of it is because you can’t seem to accept How the narcissist really feels about you and the fact that they wouldn’t miss you, that they don’t really care.

 Here are five things you can do to make sure that they miss you. Now keep in mind the narcissist does not miss their victims, the way normal people miss a person they broke up with and we’re going to discuss how the narcissist misses you after we go over despite points.

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