How to Make a Narcissist Regret Losing You

Eliminate all communication with the person.

To let them know you’re finished with them, walk away and cut off communication. Although they’ll definitely keep attempting to get in touch with you in order to grab your attention, avoiding all contact is the best course of action. Remind yourself to take deep, soothing breaths so that you can maintain your composure and handle the tension of ignoring the narcissist. Examine stress-relieving practices like mindful journaling or meditation. 

You might not be able to completely stop communicating with them if they have children with you or if you work with them. Restrict your interactions to talking about childcare or, if the other person is a coworker, talking about work.

Be unreachable and put your well-being first.

To divert yourself and continue, focus your energies inward. Don’t let the person with NPD get pleasure from seeing you sad or lonely; this will make them feel like they still have control over you. Ignore them if they SMS or call. If you can’t, let them know that you have other things on your plate.

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