How Narcissists Test Their Victims! What They’re Looking For & WHY!

did you know that narcissists actually test all of their potential victims?

Today, I’m going to talk about when, how and why they do this?

When you meet a narcissist in a potential dating scenario, you’re going to do the normal thing, you’re going to try and learn about this new person, and the narcissist is naturally going to do that too. However, during this time the narcissist is actually conducting a test on you that you know absolutely nothing about.

This is done by the narcissist right away from the first time you start speaking to them whether, that be in person or if it’s online and the scary part is it looks just like innocent getting to know you. Narcs test you by looking for very specific certain qualities. They do have a certain person whom they like to target.

They are looking for people who are extremely passionate very creative and of course those of us who have lots and lots of empathy? That’s why empaths are the cream of the crop in what a narcissist is looking for, but they’re actually seeking out other things as well.

I’m gone go over the top things these predators are seeking out from their victims

Qualities narcissists seek out:

1 Someone who is very vulnerable “The broken person”

they are looking for somebody who shows a lot of vulnerability narcissists are really drawn to people who are quote unquote broken. They’re looking to see if maybe you’ve been bullied over the course of your life if you’re a victim of previous abuse. Do you have parental issues? Otherwise, known as mommy or daddy issues, have you been in a lot of crappy relationships? They also want to see how you talk about your exes. Why are they looking at all this information? Well, because being again broken, quote-unquote, makes you more than likely pretty sensitive and more importantly it has probably made you into a people pleaser to keep the peace.

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