How Narcissists Keep You From Moving On – the Narcissists Last Lie

we all know that narcissus lie, everything they’ve done from the very beginning was a lie, even who they portrayed who they were supposedly was a lie. It was a mirage, it was something to hook you into falling for them throughout the whole relationship, it was nothing but lie after lie.

Today, I want to focus on the narcissists last lie. It’s their last-ditch effort to try to stop you from moving on and having what they know you can have, and they know that they never can have and that’s a truly happy fulfilling life with reciprocal relationships.

if you want to know what that last lie is you want to make sure you don’t fall for it, you’re gonna want to read this article.

 So, I’ve talked into many people in my coaching practice and something that I’ve noticed is that for those people that finally recognize the narcissist or the toxic person for who they are, and they finally realize that they don’t want a part of that kind of a relationship, they put down a boundary. whether they end the relationship or they just put the brakes on a little bit they do something to show the narcissist that there’s a boundary here, And I no longer want it crossed.

 I even had one viewer send in audio of his conversation with the female narcissist in his life where he was doing that, he was establishing a boundary, he wasn’t necessarily breaking up with her but he was moving out and he wanted to have space, and he wanted to have a boundary laid down if you haven’t read that article, make sure you read it because you’re gonna understand this lines a whole lot better.

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