How Much Power You Have Over The Narcissist

Narcissists create many of their own problems; they are their own worst enemy. Although they desire control, they continuously give away their power. The Narcissist seems unaware that this is what they are doing. Sometimes, even the victims fail to realize the powerful position in which the Narcissist has placed them.

Today, we will explore the powerful position in which the Narcissist places us, which, in turn, makes us more powerful than the Narcissist. This dynamic is heavily influenced by the fact that Narcissists need people; they detest being alone and cannot stand their own company without any distractions. Relationships are crucial to them because, in the Narcissist’s mind, others exist not only to serve them but also to affirm them. They depend on us to validate their delusions, their false image, and their persona..

The Power of the Narcissist’s Fake Image

If they can convince us that they are kind, trustworthy, and caring, the Narcissist will believe the same about themselves, despite their lack of authenticity. They rely on what others think and say about them to shape their self-perception. They never introspect to address what lies within. Instead, they prefer to operate through deceit, pretending to be someone they are not and seeking praise for it. Moreover, they convince themselves that they are indeed the person they pretend to be. This is why their image holds such significance to them; it opens doors and boosts their ego. Their image is carefully molded and adapted to match their surroundings. Narcissists excel at showing people what they want to see and telling them what they want to hear because they are desperate for acceptance, attention, and praise.

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