Early Warning Signs that the Narcissist Wishes To Return

Narcissistic relationships can vary. And today’s article is inclusive of all narcissistic relationships. So, whether it is a narcissistic friend, parent, partner, child, pastor, co-worker, or whatever,  all narcissists are very much alike. So, if you have gone without contact or have just been really good at keeping them out of your life by ignoring them or avoiding them, then these warning signs I am going to go through today will let you know if an ex-narcissist is looking to get back into your life. Narcissists are not usually willing to discard or leave a source of supply permanently. Of course, there may seem to be exceptions to this, especially if the narcissist thinks they have hit the jackpot with the new supply,  meaning they found someone who ticks all their boxes. Or they may be reveling in their newfound freedom. Or they may be distracted by their recent successes or accomplishments. But all this eventually wains with time, and in many instances, rekindling an old flame is an opportunity they do not allow to pass them by. And the fact remains that in many instances, narcissists prefer to keep their options open without the need to sever all ties with someone.

So, no matter how they may have treated you or hurt you during the course of the relationship, they still want you to want them. So, when you decide to go no contact, regardless of who discarded who, this is not something that the narcissist wants. Therefore, attempts will be made to get you to break No Contact, especially when the narcissist is ready to return. So, today I want to look at some of the warning signs that indicate that a narcissist wants to come back into your life. It is important to remember that the narcissist never comes back because they love you, but because of the narcissistic supply you provide and their desire to control you once more. So, it is best to keep that door closed tightly and never let them back in.

One of the first warning signs that a narcissist wants to come back is that they are responding to your social media posts or checking out your social media profiles. Narcissists will be snooping around to find out where you are romantically, socially, and mentally. So that they can decide the best approach. They may use an alias account or their own account to do this, depending on what they think is best.

They may also use an unknown telephone number to call you or message you. The narcissist loves to play this game of anonymity to catch you off guard. Or to get you to lower your defenses before they reveal themselves.

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