Don’t Have a Conversation with a Narcissist Unless You Know This

Word salad is about something that many of us have struggled with for years on end when dealing with a narcissist. It really doesn’t matter who exactly the narcissist is in your life because they all utilize this form of manipulation. It could be your spouse, significant other, sibling, parent, co-worker, or boss. Today, we’re talking about the infuriating, frustrating, and crazy-making word salad, the narcissist’s favorite vehicle for communicating.

For those who may have never heard the term ‘word salad,’ let me explain exactly what that is and what it means. Word salad is a term people in this community came up with to describe the patterns of communication and the styles of using language or the styles and patterns of conversations that all narcissists tend to use. Maybe you have never heard the term, but if you have had a relationship with a narcissist, there’s no doubt in my mind that you are acutely aware that when you have a conversation with this person, things never seem to get resolved. You come away even more frustrated and more confused than before you had this conversation to begin with. Or maybe after the conversation, you have now taken accountability for something that you originally thought was the narcissist’s fault.

Welcome to the world of word salad. You have just had a conversation searching for conclusions and resolutions with a human being who could not be interested in those things in the least. See, your objective and the narcissist’s objective for having a conversation are two completely different things. You are searching for answers, meaning, honesty, and transparency. The narcissist is searching for narcissistic supply, to escape accountability, and to confuse, distress, and frustrate.

Word salad is how narcissists communicate nearly all of the time in all conversations they have with anyone, and they use it for all sorts of different reasons. They use it to gaslight you, confuse you, escape accountability, blame-shift, manipulate, talk in circles, make you feel guilty, or pity for them. Many times, they simply do it for the fun of it. It’s sheer entertainment to them to watch a highly empathetic, sensitive person struggle to make sense of what they are saying or what they are trying to get us to comprehend.

How to Identify a Narcissist from a Conversation

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