Does The Narcissist Secretly Wish You Come Back To Them

Narcissists have agendas; they have an idea of how they want this relationship to go. But when it doesn’t go their way, do they secretly hope that you will return to them? Read the article because I’m going to explain all of this.

In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at whether narcissists secretly hope that you will return to them. They do, but not for the reasons you might think. Narcissists don’t have hopes and dreams in the same way we do. They have an agenda, and they will orchestrate situations, manipulate them to go a certain way, but they don’t have hopes and dreams.

So, in the title, it says, “Does the narcissist hope you will come back?” The narcissist hopes that you will come back to them, but it’s not a hope. It’s more the fact that they would like you to come back. They might want you to come back, but for different reasons than what you might be thinking. These reasons are all about supply, alright? It’s not because they genuinely hope that you will return to them or that you will come back because you accept them.

This Triggers The Narcissist To Come Back

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