Did the narcissist ever love you?

A lot of men out there think that just because they provide and just because they walk in the door, they’re somehow successful at being a father or a husband. Well, in reality, that’s just the base, base, base level of how they should actually be showing up as men. And for all those who are pissed off at me, I don’t really care because that’s who I was. I was the one that did that.

Did the narcissist ever love me? Probably one of the most popular questions that people wonder about after a relationship has fallen apart. You’ve caught him cheating, you’ve caught him running away with the mistress, you’ve caught him not caring about you anymore, but it seemed like he did at the beginning. The question is: Was it all a lie? Was it all fake? Did you ever receive genuine love from him?

If you find yourself wondering if the love you ever got from him was genuine, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for answers to help them move on from toxic relationships, and part of it is wondering if this person actually cared, or if you’ve just been believing a lie.

One of the things I want you to understand is that a narcissist cares about typically one thing, and that’s the mask. The mask that they actually put out there, not even themselves, because they don’t actually practice self-care or self-love in the aspect of working on themselves, growing, and changing.

Narcissist’s Sneaky Tactics to Insult You

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