Narcissist’s Sneaky Tactics to Insult You

Narcissists are all about control, and one of the ways they gain and maintain control is by playing mind games, or, in other words, mental manipulation. Some of their mental manipulations can be subtle, but they are still harmful and unacceptable because narcissistic mind games are usually meant to devalue and confuse you. At the end of the day, everything the narcissist does is with the intent to mess with your mind. They want you to be in a state of confusion and uncertainty, but above all, they want you to be convinced that you are the problem.

So, today’s article is about some subtle or underhanded tactics used by narcissists to manipulate you. Their aim is to mentally assault you and leave you unsure about what to do or what to believe. These tactics can leave you second-guessing yourself as to whether the narcissist has bad intentions or not. I will also briefly address the narcissist’s response when you try to address these issues with them.

10 Types Of People Narcissists Respect

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