Self-Help for Borderline Personality Disorder

You have some opportunities for learning more about your disease. The first is to actually approach your therapist for more details during the BPD evaluation period. Questions to think about include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Why BPD symptoms do I exhibit?
  • What effect would they have on my job and relationships?
  • Is it possible that I have other mental health problems besides BPD?
  • What induced my ailment?
  • What is included in my recovery plan?
  • Is it necessary for me to take medication?
  • How long will I be receiving BPD treatment?
  • What would I do at home to treat my symptoms?

Overall, ask the psychiatrist questions you have at any point during your therapy. That’s just part of establishing a healthy therapy partnership, which would support the treatment in the long run.

Another way to learn more about BPD is to do research on the subject. There are also useful sources of information about BPD, such as blogs and books. The following are some valuable online tools for BPD:

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