13 Ways to Manage Borderline Rage in a Healthier Way

Some people with borderline personality disorder have such extreme indignation that it’s dubbed “borderline rage.” This rage can be caused by a perceived interpersonal insult, such as being insulted by a loved one.

It’s not clear why people with BPD experience such high levels of rage and violence, but evidence shows that:

  • It may be related to the cognitive dysregulation so many people with BPD undergo.
  • It can happen as a result of a sense of rejection.
  • It’s possible that it’s due to tension 

You may not feel in control of your indignation if you encounter this form of frustration. When people with BPD get furious, they also indulge in harmful activities, such as actions that can inflict bodily damage or ruin relationships. This can lead to even more hurt and resentment, which can lead to even more anger. With experience, however, it is important to learn to handle frustration in a more healthy manner. Here are few ideas for coping with your frustration in a safe manner if you have BPD.

Count to ten.

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