10 Worst Responses To A Narcissist’s Games

One of the things that happens after you’ve been exposed to strongly narcissistic individuals is that you find that you lose many of the best ingredients of yourself, and you wind up playing into the games that narcissists throw at you. Keep in mind that they’re pathologically selfish individuals, but they’re also individuals who are afraid of examining themselves. So what they do in their selfishness and their need for control is they have all sorts of strategies, if you will, to try to bring out the worst in you. And then, without any particular self-examination, they’ll say, “Well, since you’ve got some negative things going on here, that must mean that I’m the standard bearer,” and so they actually take delight when they can bring you down and get you into all sorts of negative reactions.

Now, I want you to think: how many times have you thought, “Yeah, being with these narcissistic individuals, I find myself disliking what’s going on inside of me? Something needs to change.” What I want to do here today is focus on 10 of the worst responses that you can offer when a narcissist comes at you with their control and domination games, and then we’re going to take a look at where we can go instead. So let me run through these, and I want you to take some real good notes and inventory about where this might impact you.

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