How To Know If A Narcissist Is Finished With You

Today I will be looking at a few behaviors of narcissist when they are finished with you. Because with narcissists, there is a cutoff point, meaning there will come a time for many people when the narcissist has no use for them anymore.

Narcissists are all about taking and controlling. So, if you have nothing more to give the narcissist or they are unable to control you, then they will want nothing to do with you. And depending on the situation, the narcissist will be looking to discard you, or on some rare occasions, they will be hoping that you discard them. It all comes down to which will benefit the narcissist the most or which will work out better for them in the end.

A narcissist’s exit from a relationship must be as successful as their entry; so, they will plan and execute it with all diligence. This can happen in any type of narcissistic relationship. So, whether the narcissist is a friend, partner, sibling, parent, co-worker, or boss, they will all have people at one point or another who they no longer have any use for and will look to dispose of them.

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