Why do narcissists cheat?

Narcissists thrive on keeping secrets as it makes them feel powerful and in control. This is something I have talked about in this article where I gave a list of different secrets narcissists keep. But there is one secret that stands out above all the others as it affects everyone involved and it is something that all narcissists are guilty of. We also know that narcissists live for their narcissistic supply. But what brings them more pleasure is when they have secret sources of supply, or in other words, when they are unfaithful or cheating on their partners. That is the crème de la crème of secrets for a narcissist.

To give you an idea of what I will be talking about, I will be looking at a few reasons why narcissists cheat. Who they are likely to cheat on, how do they act when they cheat, and how do they react when they are cheated?

There are time stamps in the description for anyone who wants to skip ahead. But first of all, some people limit infidelity to having sexual relations outside of a committed relationship, but it can also include being unfaithful on an emotional level. So, although they may not have performed a sexual act, their words, feelings, and actions towards someone else are what would be deemed as a violation or an act of disloyalty. That is why I believe all narcissists are unfaithful to their partners, be it physically or emotionally. So, first of all, let’s look at the reasons.

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