A Narcissist’s Daily Routine EXPLAINED

Like everybody else, a narcissist has a daily routine as well, but there are some major differences between their routine and yours. For example, you wake up with an intention of living a peaceful life that day, while a narcissist wakes up and refreshes themselves for one purpose only: to create chaos. They want hatred; you want love. They want power and dominance; you want connection and affection. They go out thinking they’re better than everybody else; you go out thinking everybody is the same. Unity in diversity is the principle that guides you, but what guides them is a need for validation and to be important in everybody’s eyes. Let’s explore this further in today’s episode.

Let me hydrate myself to create all that I have planned to create today. After all, it takes a lot of energy to traumatize people, doesn’t it? Let me wash my hands of responsibility. Who wants to take that? No, yeah, go away.

Let me now put on a nice mask to fool some people in my life. Yeah, okay, there goes this fool who believes me. My colleague…

Hi, good morning! How are you doing today? Oh, I missed seeing you.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll be returning to work soon. Hope your children are okay.

Now comes the time to put on the raid mask because I want to punish my daughter for going no contact.

Yeah, hi, good morning. What do you think of yourself? I gave birth to you. I made you who you are today. You’re nothing without me. Shut up!

Now comes the time to put on the victim mask and tell people everybody has abandoned me.

Yeah, Cassie, hi. Yeah, good morning. I can’t tell you the pain I’m in, my daughter. Oh my God, she’s a headache. She’s a headache to deal with. I can’t tell you what she has put me through. I have all these health problems to deal with. I don’t know what to do with them.

Yeah, now is the sleep time. I don’t care about the trauma that I have caused people because my Supply tummy is full. And now let’s recharge for another day of chaos.

So, you watched how a narcissist’s day is devoid of any reflection, any inner work, any true attempts made to establish connection with the loved ones they so depend on. Their day starts with an intention of creating chaos. They wake up, and it’s right from that moment. They bang doors, they toss and turn utensils, pots. They scream and yell at the top of their voice. They go around waking people up, even if they are deep asleep. It doesn’t matter who slept at what time; they have to make them tip-toe around the narcissistic nature of theirs because they want absolute subservience, compliance, and obedience.

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