10 Things A Jealous Narcissist Would Do (Narcissists EXPOSED!)

Today, we dive into the intriguing world of a jealous narcissist. Brace yourselves for a spine-chilling exploration of their manipulative tactics and toxic behaviors. This heart-pounding article reveals the top 10 things a jealous narcissist would do. Get ready to uncover their twisted secrets and be captivated by the dark depths of their envy-driven psyche. Are you ready to confront the chilling reality of a jealous narcissist? Let’s jump right into it.

Undermining Your Success

Narcissists possess a distorted worldview, believing they must always shine the brightest. Consequently, when you achieve success, it often becomes a threat to their fragile egos. Witnessing your thriving causes them to tap into their competitive nature, as they view your accomplishments as a direct challenge to their inflated self-image. Consequently, narcissists resort to any means necessary to bring you down, often by undermining your achievements. They intend to belittle you, making you question your worth. This may manifest through passive-aggressive comments or behind-the-scenes sabotage of your opportunities. Prioritizing your well-being and safeguarding yourself from their harmful influence is crucial. Refuse to allow them to strip away the success you rightfully deserve.

Excessive Comparison

Anyone with unique talent and strong capabilities is a rival to narcissists. You must brace yourself for what they will do if you are that person. Expect narcissists to constantly compare themselves to you and others to assert their superiority. They will constantly measure their worth against others to find ways to elevate themselves and diminish those around them. It is also customary to see narcissists openly criticize or belittle those they perceive as threats. That’s because their fragile self-esteem depends on constantly feeling better than others. It is better to disengage when you notice these signs in someone you know.

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