top 8 Phrases to Shut Down the Narcissists/Toxic People

Getting into a drama battle with a narcissist to me is like stepping in quicksand

 The ground may look solid, but one step into the quicksand and it’s obvious that it is not solid ground. And the interesting thing about quicksand is you don’t really have a danger unless you struggle. in other, words unless you start having reactions to being in the quicksand and your emotions start getting elevated, you start going into distress, you start panicking the more you move around, the more you sink, a kind of feel like that’s what happens when you are sucked into a drama battle with a narcissist.

 If you fall for any of the narcissist manipulation tactics which I recently did an article where I talked about seven of them if you haven’t read that article make sure you take a look at that. This is how narcissus operates in conversations.

So, if you fall for any one of them, that’s one foot into the quicksand. Once you fall for one of their strategies the temptation is to try to get through to the narcissist, to try to be logical to get them to see logic so that everything is resolved. That’s like struggling harder in the quicksand and thinking that you’re actually helping yourself.

 So, it’s time to stop falling for those strategies and start engaging in strategies of your own, strategies that are designed to help you to stay grounded, to help you to make sure that you continue to be you despite provocation, strategies that help you to feel like you’re in emotional control of yourself despite having somebody trying to push you over the edge emotionally.

How To Make The Narcissist MISS YOU After Discard

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