6 Ways a Narcissist Uses Sleep To Cheat On You

Narcissists possess a criminalistic ability to weaponize anything they can conceive of to make a fool out of you in order to get what they want. They utilize your emotions, your feelings, to manipulate you into feeling a certain way, and then use that emotional state to influence your behavior and decision-making process. When they weaponize these aspects against you, they do not stop at emotions, feelings, and thoughts; they stoop so low as to drive you to the brink of madness.

One of the tactics they employ against you is related to their own sleep. They will fabricate issues they’re supposedly experiencing with their sleep, or they may sleep in a different location, or they may retire early, or there may be a significant alteration in their sleeping patterns. You might interpret this as them facing genuine issues, or you might perceive it as it is presented to you. However, behind your back, they may be cheating on you. Yes, that’s correct, narcissists exploit sleep to deceive you and evade accountability.

They Would Invent Bizarre Excuses Regarding Their Sleep and Phone. When you attempt to hold them accountable for not answering the phone or their absence, they concoct outlandish excuses concerning their sleep and phone usage. Instead of taking responsibility, they offer explanations like: ‘I was asleep. I had a rough day. I was extremely fatigued. I turned off my phone by 6 PM. I activated flight mode because I wished to avoid disturbances. I needed to rest. I required a proper sleep. I wasn’t feeling well. This, that, and the other.’ However, the truth is, they were in the shower preparing while their phone was in flight mode, and they were about to rendezvous with their new supply. They wanted you to believe they were asleep. This is how they manipulate with their phone. They engage in peculiar behaviors; they reroute calls; they establish technical configurations where calls are routed through different numbers and eventually returned to your phone, rendering them unreachable. You remain unaware of their whereabouts, whether they’re within network range, or if something happened to their phone. They offer excuses like ‘My phone died’ or ‘I misplaced my phone’ or ‘This occurred with my phone’ and ‘That occurred with my phone,’ when in reality, they’re treating the other person the way they initially treated you; they act single even while in a relationship with you, completely disregarding your existence, as they immerse themselves in the moment with their new supply, obtaining what they desire.

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