5 Weakness All Narcissists Have But Don’t Want You To Know

A narcissist would want you to believe that they are all-powerful, flawless, and have no weaknesses, but their reality is completely different from what they want you to believe.

Number one, failure to self-reflect and look inwards.

Weakness One (Lack of Self-Reflection): For a person to grow, they have to consider their faults, failures, and shortcomings as a human being. By considering all of these faults, shortcomings, and failures, a person can eventually grow. But when it comes to a narcissist, guess what? Everything that is wrong or faulty in their life is someone else’s fault. They can never be wrong. And what that does indirectly is it keeps them stagnant, stuck in a perpetual cycle of victimhood. They want to be seen as supreme and flawless, but realistically and practically, they are the victims of their own doing. They never grow because they do not learn from their mistakes; why? Because they do not acknowledge their mistakes in the first place. So, growth is missing in their life, and that is why, if you leave a narcissist at this psychological position, you are going to find them in the same state ten years from now. I can almost assure you that. Let’s move on to number two.

Weakness Two (Competitiveness):

They do not believe in collaboration and only want to compete. A narcissist is extremely self-absorbed. All they focus on is themselves. It is their welfare that matters the most. But in an environment where collaboration is needed for growth, this can prove to be extremely fatal. Because if you are in a situation where you are only focusing on yourself, how would you be growing if you are not taking any form of help? If it is all about you and your needs, I can give you an example of a co-parenting situation where both parents are supposed to be involved in the proper nurturing of the children. But what the narcissist does is they want to be liked the most by the children. They want the children to put them on a pedestal, to be the most likable parent among the two. What that does is it destroys the children because the narcissist doesn’t care about discipline, boundaries, or the impact of overindulgence. They don’t care about the trauma it causes. Basically, they would do everything and anything to just make sure that they are winning against you and you look like the crazy one. But this makes the children take the side of the narcissist and isolate you, or they maintain some kind of distance from you or think that you are a bad parent in comparison to the narcissist. Everything and anything that you do with them is a competition; it can never be collaboration because for it to be a collaboration, the narcissist has to think beyond themselves. They have to think about you, they have to think about your needs, and that is not possible for them to do. The only needs that matter to them are their own needs. They don’t think beyond the bubble of egocentric self. Let’s move on to number three.

Weakness Three (Chronic Need for Stimulation):

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