5 Ways A Narcissist Will Abandon You Without A Second Thought

It is devastating when a narcissist abandons you without a second thought.

Absolutely. A narcissist has the capacity to throw you under the bus, leave, and not look back, as if you were yesterday’s garbage that is worthless to them.

How can any human be capable of this? The truth is, narcissists aren’t humans, not as we know humanity to be.

I’m going to explain to you in more detail, within this article, why a narcissist is capable of this while examining the five main reasons why a narcissist will abandon you without a second thought.

Number 1: You want them to do something for you.

Being with a narcissist is like suffering death by a thousand cuts. Leading up to totally horrific abandonments, the narcissist abandons you in more subtle ways along the way.

Before you understand what is really going on with a narcissist, you may notice that he or she “goes missing” when you want something done. Or puts it off. Or makes excuses, or gets involved with something else—anything other than what you really wanted him or her to do for you.

Or perhaps the narcissist will perform this task for you in a careless way; they get the instructions totally wrong, or it’s such a terrible job that you end up having to mop up afterwards.

It’s maddening. It’s also incredibly disastrous if you were counting on this person for something.

What’s more, you start to realize the narcissist is self-absorbed; it’s about what he or she is doing and getting rather than playing “team” with you.

The truth is, he or she has no concept or desire to conceptualize what you may need from them. The narcissist doesn’t listen, doesn’t deliver in a timely manner, and then gets angry with you when you bring up how careless, sloppy, or uncooperative they were.

Comments such as, “Just because I didn’t do it when YOU wanted it to be done!” are common.

The truth is that the narcissist’s false self believes this: “It’s me that gets served.”How dare you want something from me!”

Please, please know this important warning: when dealing with narcissists in the early days, he or she may do everything for you!

This is why it’s important that, regarding any relationship in your life, whether it be romantic, a friendship, with a neighbor, with work contacts, etc., you take your time to get to know people before letting them into your home, life, bed, body, or soul. See how other people are treated by them on a regular basis.

If you look and take notice, you will see what their level of care for others is, regardless of what act they put on with you!

Number 2: When You Are Suffering Disappointment, Illness, or Loss

Top 5 Things Narcissists Do When They LOSE

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