5 Things a Narcissist Hopes for When you go No-Contact

When a narcissist has no contact with you, they don’t even think about you, and you know this. But what happens when you discard a narcissist? When you go without contact first, how does it affect them? Let’s find out in today’s article.”Five Things a Narcissist Hopes for When You Go No Contact with Them.”

1. They hope that you drown in remorse and shame.

None of that is experienced or felt by a narcissist themselves, but they expect you to feel a lot of shame and a lot of remorse. Why? Because they are convinced you did them dirty. You played them, you abused them, you betrayed them, and you harmed them by leaving. Out of their entitlement and grandiosity, they visualize and imagine you crawling back to them, begging for one more chance. That is what they hope for, even though they cannot feel self-pity for themselves.

However, this behavior is driven by their true victimhood, but their self-pity gets converted into rage directed at you. They desire to punish you by abandoning you, taking you back, and then discarding you. Why? Well, they want to have control, they want to call it quits, and they want to have the last say. It’s all about power. You need to understand that when they try to get you back, it’s not about actually wanting to get you back because they don’t love you; they’re trying to get control back. They want to feel that high, that dominion they had over you back.

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