5 Psychology Tricks to know You’re Dealing with a Narcissist

If you search for how to identify a narcissist, you’ll find a ton of videos exploding with different signs. They mainly discuss how narcissists lack empathy, are full of themselves, or pretend to be victims, among other things. However, in my opinion, narcissists are more sophisticated than that. They are actively evolving as awareness about narcissistic abuse spreads. That’s why I’ve come up with some subtle signs that, if you find in a person, indicate they are highly likely to be a narcissist. Let’s find out what these signs are in today’s article.

1. Setting Boundaries

When you meet a new person, try saying “no.” Set a boundary with them and then maintain your stance. Next, observe their behavior. Narcissists do not adjust well to disagreements. They have to have things their way and are extremely controlling. If this person starts acting aggressively as if you have disappointed them, or if they try to minimize your desires and wants, or shame you for being yourself, those are red flags. A truly secure and healthy person will have no problem with you showing who you are or having certain opinions. They will respect you and feel closeness when you say no. However, when dealing with a narcissist, this has a negative impact. Also, remember that narcissists are constantly evolving. Some may feign respect towards your boundaries only to passively punish you later.

Did the narcissist ever love you?

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