3 Things The Narcissist Destroys To Break You And Control You

Today I will be getting into 3 ways narcissists attack us in order to break us. Because narcissists come to steal, kill, and destroy. They target people with love and light to conquer and control. They are predators, always on the hunt. They have an insatiable appetite for position, money, and control and will do whatever is necessary to get these things.

So, they lure us in by playing the hero or the victim, and then, slowly but surely, they turn on us. And their only intent is to make us squirm, break us, and control us. This is evident in any narcissistic relationship: whether between parent and child, lovers, or friends, narcissists seek dominance in any situation. So, be it in the family unit, at work, or in a social group, the narcissist wants to be viewed or valued in some way that distinguishes them from others.

When they join a group, they observe to see who has the most influence, and that is who they will target and seek to rub shoulders with. Or when they enter into a relationship, they will mimic your best attributes and pretend to have shared values. But in either case, the Narcissist is not looking to be your equal.

Their goal would be to usurp or steal that person’s authority, position, identity, or influence. As I explained in this article, the narcissist targets both the vulnerable and strong. Meaning, those who are ignorant of narcissists and those of us who are survivors and well aware of their existence. Basically, no one is exempt from a narcissist targeting them. And once they have gained entry, their objective is always the same. They will turn on you. They will attack you and try to destroy you.

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