3 Things God does to a Narcissist

The second thing God does to a narcissist is that he takes away all their sources of supply. For example, a narcissistic parent losing all contact with the children they thought they had caged, they thought they owned. And now, when they are older and they recognize the narcissism in their parent, they completely cut them off, and the narcissist is left dry to die. He takes away all their power, all their strength, all those things they used to boast about. I have seen this happening with my own paternal grandfather, who is a malignant narcissist and used to think of himself as God. He used to walk with so much pride and arrogance and would love the fact that he was capable of instilling fear in his family members and so on. Now, he is a bunch of bones left with his loneliness, rotting every single day. He doesn’t know what peace is. No child of his gives a damn about him because they’re all narcissists like him. And he always says things like, “I used to be this, I used to be that,” that delusional fantasy he couldn’t live because he thought he would be young always, powerful always. But God threw that reality at his face, and he has lived a long life, which is also what God does to them. They live a long life, and it’s not a gift; it is suffering they go through every single day.

Lets them live in a pure state of dissatisfaction & dysphoria.

The third thing God does to a narcissist is he lets them live in a pure state of dissatisfaction and dysphoria because a narcissist thinks nothing is enough. They want more and more and more, and still, nothing is enough for them. It’s like a vessel with a hole in the bottom; everything gets leaked out. They’re not thankful; they’re not grateful. It’s not only applicable to the things they have achieved or have in their life; it’s not just applicable to the money or the people. It is applicable to every single thing, to themselves as well. No matter what they do, they feel something is missing. This, in itself, is a trauma response. Many people feel that way, but they are able to acknowledge it. They’re able to acknowledge that they have this tendency to be a perfectionist and they need to work on it. But with the narcissist, it is completely different. For a narcissist, this sense of something missing is always projected on others, onto you if you are their source of supply. That’s why they need you to dress better, gain weight, lose weight, look a certain way, do more for them, speak a certain way, and no matter what you do, the target keeps moving. It is actually their own insecurities, their own shame they aren’t able to acknowledge, and all of this projection creates a toxic cycle they get trapped in because they become blind to their own shortcomings.

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