10 Signs of A Fake Nice Narcissist.

The Me-Centric Conversationalist

This trait, akin to a shiny spotlight that constantly swings back to them regardless of the topic, is often associated with fake nice narcissists. Such individuals might act friendly, but deep down, they’re all about themselves. Suppose you’re in a conversation, and the other person habitually steers the discussion toward their own life stories and achievements. In that case, you might be dealing with a budding narcissist. Dr. Dervasula’s research indicates that these me-centric conversationalists often tread into narcissistic territory, setting up camp where everything revolves around them.

The Martyr Complex

Dr. Malkin discusses how those exhibiting the “fake nice narcissist” phenomenon might use the martyr complex to their advantage. They might seem selfless, but it’s a deceptive game they’re playing. These fake, nice narcissists might have ulterior motives, aiming for others to perceive them as altruistic beings. However, deep down, it’s not about helping others; it’s about feeding their ego. They want the spotlight, admiration, and attention, constructing an illusion of martyrdom as part of their scheme to enhance their self-importance.

The double-edged generosity

Fake nice narcissists might shower you with gifts or favors, not solely out of genuine kindness but with the intention of making you feel indebted to them. It gives them power over you, as if they’ve wrapped you around their finger. It’s important to note that generosity itself isn’t bad; it’s the intention behind it that matters. Psychologist Dr. Romani Dervasula highlights that these acts of kindness might be a strategy for fake nice narcissists to maintain control over you. They create a dynamic where they’re in charge, even if it isn’t apparent initially.

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