10 Signs of A Fake Nice Narcissist.

Have you ever met someone who appears kind but gives off an unsettling feeling, like they’re a fake nice narcissist? Outwardly pleasant but concealing true intentions, psychologist Dr. Julia Wallace observed that narcissists of the “fake nice” type surprise us with their traits. Here are the top 10:

The Charm Bomber

Dr. Romani Dervasula, a psychologist who has conducted extensive research in this area, points out that narcissists are pros at impression management. It’s as if they have an internal script guiding their behavior, all geared toward making themselves look good. They’re like actors on stage, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance to capture your attention and admiration. Dr. Romani’s insight about creating an enchanting facade is spot on. The charm bomber possesses a shiny surface that reflects what we want to see: kindness, warmth, and all the good stuff. However, beneath this charm, their motivations might be more self-centered. They could use their charm to manipulate situations or gain something for themselves.

The Complement Overdoser

Compliments can be heartwarming and genuine, boosting our self-esteem. But imagine someone who constantly bombards you with compliments. It sounds nice, but here’s the catch: They might not be doing it for the right reasons. Psychologist Dr. Craig Malkin, who has looked into this phenomenon, notes that if someone lays on the compliments too thick, it could signal an underlying motive. It’s like a red flag waving in the wind. The fake lovely narcissist might use these compliments as a sneaky way to manipulate you.

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