10 Phrases Narcissists Hate

Do you want to know what the 10 phrases are that narcissists absolutely hate? The narcissist in your life is constantly saying things and using catchphrases to make you miserable, and while you can certainly use words to disarm or shut them down, you can also use these phrases to drive the narcissist in your life nuts. Read this article to learn what the phrases are that narcissists hate, so that you can finally turn the tables back on them.

Number one is any kind of praise, any kind of adulation, respect, or anything about praising anyone else.

They really cannot take that. Even if you just say, “Wow, I really admire that person. They’re really good at this.” Or even if you just complimented them in some way, “They’re really great in business” or “I like their house.” Somehow, any kind of compliment about someone else becomes something about them. It becomes something that irritates them, that bothers them in some way, so that maybe you like them better or think more highly of them than you think of them. And so, therefore, it becomes a threat to them in some way. So any kind of nice word about somebody other than them is a problem.

Number two is, “That’s not true.”

If you just say, “That not true, literally, “I think you’re lying,” then they hate that, especially if you have proof that they’re lying or that you know that they’re not telling the truth. I mean, you could literally show them the proof right in front of their face, and they will go right to projection, denial, or all those other kinds of things.

There are several different things that they normally do, but they really, really hate it if you just say it factually. You don’t have to say it with emotion, anger, or anything like that. You can just say it as if you’re reporting the news: “That’s just not true.” So that’s number two.

Number three is, “I will not.”

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