10 Phrases Narcissists Hate

In other words, I will not I will not go with you. I will not do that thing that you want. I will not go along with your plan to defraud somebody, or whatever it is. I had a narcissistic client one time who used to say to me, “Rebecca, you’re really going to be lonely in heaven by yourself.” And to try to goad me into doing something that I didn’t want to do. No. I just said, “No, I will not do that.” So that’s number three: I will not. I am not all right.

Number four is similar, which  is “I cannot.”

Literally, I can’t do that. I can do that right now. I can’t do that ever. I can’t… I’m not physically able. I’m not emotionally able. I’m not spiritually able. I’m not able. I just cannot help you in whatever way you want me to. And they don’t like that. I cannot. I will not. Not happening. They don’t want to hear that.

And the next one is, “You lost.”

I mean, you lost even if it’s just playing a game or something and they happen to lose. You   lost. They don’t want to hear, “You lost.” Even if they did lose, they don’t want to hear about that. So, you can’t actually say because they’re going to have all kinds of reasons why maybe it looks like they lost, but they didn’t actually lose, namely, probably because you cheated or something happened that caused them to make it look like they lost, even though they definitely did win.

The next one is, “You’re wrong.”

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