10 Nasty Rumors Narcissists Spread About You

Narcissists, who are known as self-absorbed individuals, often resort to spreading rumors to manipulate and control others. When you have somebody’s attention and their eyes are lighting up because they are very interested in what you have to say, that is a great feeling. I experienced that firsthand today. It is wonderful to be the center of attention. In this video, we’ll explore and debunk 10 nasty rumors narcissists spread about you, giving you the clarity and confidence to rise above their web of lies.

1. You’re always seeking attention.

There’s a rumor that narcissists like to spread about you, saying that you’re always seeking attention. They’re trying to make it seem like you’re constantly craving the spotlight and always doing things to get attention. But here’s the thing: it’s not true. The truth is, narcissists are the ones who need attention all the time. They’re projecting their desire for validation onto you. They want everyone to focus on them and think they’re amazing, so they try to make you look like the attention seeker instead. Don’t let their rumors diminish your self-worth. You don’t need to seek attention to feel good about yourself.

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2. You’re manipulative.

One of the rumors narcissists might spread is that you’re manipulative. Yeah, ironic, right? They’re the ones who are pulling the strings, but they try to turn the tables and make it seem like you’re the one playing mind games or using others for your gain. Sneaky, huh? But here’s the key to remember: their accusations are nothing more than a smokescreen. Narcissists are trying to divert attention away from their manipulative tactics. It’s a classic move to shift blame and make themselves look innocent.

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