Why The Narcissist Stops Having S*e*x With You

At the beginning of the relationship, you will find that the s*e*x is amazing and electric. However, it’s also very addictive because the narcissist, at the beginning of the relationship, is mirroring you and looking to get you hooked on them. That’s why they will use s*e*xas as a way for you to bond with them. It feels really intense and amazing. Then, over time, you’ll find that it loses its potency because the narcissist knows that you are now hooked on them.

This is how the relationship cycle of a narcissist goes. They get you hooked and want you to want them because they find this electrifying. They want this intimacy and intensity very early on in the relationship, but it finishes quite quickly. The reason why they want this is that it draws on their supply. As you know, over time, if you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, this will dwindle down because they have you where they want you. To be honest with you, narcissists don’t really like s*e*x. They don’t really enjoy it. I know that’s really weird, but they don’t. They use it for control, supply, and validation. That’s the only reason, not because they have an urge or an emotional connection as we do.

Also, a lot of narcissists have attachment disorders or are not able to connect. They don’t really understand relationships in that way. Their experience or upbringing has been really dysfunctional. There’s also emotional incest that some of them may have gone through with other family members, which would give you a little insight into why they don’t connect in that way.

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