Why The Narcissist Hates You But Doesn’t Leave You

Today I want to talk about Why the Narcissist Hates You but Doesn’t Leave You. Because it is a bit of a conundrum that narcissists envy us and hate us, yet they cannot live without us. So, I will be sharing 3 reasons why this is so. By the end, you will know for sure what their motives are.

The first reason the narcissist despises you but refuses to let you go is narcissistic supply. Narcissists need people as that is how and where they get their narcissistic supply from. Narcissistic supply is the fuel narcissists use to keep themselves going. It is what motivates them to get up and out every morning. It is what gives them that pep in their step.

Narcissistic Supply comes in two forms for the narcissist. There is the positive supply that comes from the admiration and attention that they get from others, and then there is the dark form of narcissistic supply, which is the gratification they get from deceiving, manipulating, confusing, and hurting others. This dark form of narcissistic supply that is not usually referred to as narcissistic supply is something I really went into in this video to show how much narcissists also crave this sort of supply. Think of it as the positive supply is for that fake self they created and the dark narcissistic supply is to satisfy the narcissist’s true self.

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