Why The Covert Narcissist Cannot Protect You

Hi everyone and welcome. Thank you for clicking on this article. that plays out in Narcissistic Relationships again and again. But when we are in an active relationship with a Narcissist it is much harder for us to see what is really going on or imagine what the Narcissist is saying or doing behind our backs. And that is why the Narcissist is able to get away with it. It is a fact that being in a Narcissistic Relationship puts you at risk of constant betrayals, constant manipulation and never-ending lies. Because Narcissists are always looking for scapegoats. Someone to blame for their wrong doings. Someone to take the fall or hit for their bad actions. And if you have any sort of relationship with a Narcissist you are at risk of becoming a target.

So today’s topic has to do with what I would consider one of the Covert Narcissist’s most guaranteed betrayals. And because the Covert Narcissist is so cautious and secretive, they specialize in turning on those closest to them when it comes to saving their skin. People in their Safe Zone who they view as being under their control.

The Covert Narcissist cares more about their image and reputation than they do people. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are to the Narcissist; whether family, partner or friend, they will betray you. You will become a prop that they can hide behind to cover their flaws and faults. You do not only have to endure with their lies and abuse, but you also have to become the fall guy. The one they can blame for everything that goes wrong in their life and also, be viewed as the problem maker or the difficult one in the relationship.

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