When the Narcissist Wants Revenge, This Is What They Will Do

Narcissists do not forgive or forget; they are very petty and insecure, so it does not take much to offend a narcissist. Therefore, with all this in mind, it should not be a surprise that they are very vengeful and are never satisfied until they have fully destroyed you. The most unfortunate thing about it is that, because they are so easily offended, their targets oftentimes do not even realize that they have done or said something wrong. So, when the narcissist turns on them, it can be a confusing time. And sometimes, depending on the way the narcissist decides to get revenge, the target does not realize that it is the narcissist who is behind the chaos, drama, or emotional upheaval that they are currently experiencing.

Today, I want to delve into a few different ways narcissists tend to seek revenge. The extent they go to is dependent on the offense, but when it comes to narcissists, the punishment never fits the crime. Narcissists are over the top with how they react to a perceived offense. In the mind of the narcissist, they always find a way to justify their cruel or insensitive behaviors.

One of the first ways narcissists like to take revenge is to bully you. So, the big bad bully—if the narcissist is your boss, parent, pastor, or they have any other position of authority—they will use that authoritative position to make your life a living hell. They will overburden you, restrict you, speak down on you, embarrass you, insult you, and try to isolate you. They will use their position of authority to turn other people against you. And if they control the money in the relationship, they will find a way to restrict your ability to acquire, use, or maintain your finances. Their objective is to break you, get your full submission, or push you out. Because if a narcissist feels threatened by someone, they will prefer to cast you off or cast you out so that they don’t have to deal with you. And this happens a lot because the narcissist is offended by some people just for existing. So, if the narcissist thinks you are better-looking, smarter, more popular, or happier, that is enough for them to instantly dislike you and want to punish you. That is why, if they have some sort of authority over you, they will instantly bully you and try to make you feel like crap.

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