When The Narcissist Is Ready To Take You Off The Shelf

Today I will be looking at why the narcissist likes to come back. Because narcissists have a tendency to discard, ignore, and block people who they are not happy with or who are not giving them what they want. But in time, the narcissist usually comes back, stops ignoring you or unblocks you. To add insult to injury, not only does the narcissist want to open the lines of communication again, but they also want to act as if they never did you anything. They never cut you off or blocked you. They just want to carry on like things have always been nice and dandy between the both of you. But why do they do this? Why do they even come back? Why don’t they just stay away?

It all has to do with narcissistic supply; the more sources they have, the better. And the narcissist is usually not willing to permanently let go of the supply. There’s always the chance that if they run out of narcissistic supply, they’ll want to come back in.This is why, if you want a narcissist to truly leave you alone, you have to be the one to block them out completely. Otherwise, sooner or later, when it suits them, they will want to come back.

Let’s first look at why they come back after ignoring you or blocking you. When a narcissist ignores you or blocks you, it is just another form of the infamous silent treatment that narcissists like to use to punish people. It means you may have offended the narcissist (which is easily done) by not giving them what they want. You could have said something that they deem to be insensitive. You could have just chosen to prioritise someone or something over them. You could have just told them ‘No’ or denied them something.

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