When the Empath Meets the Narcissist

It was not simply wonderful before it became awful; it was incredible. It was everything I’d ever desired, everything I’d ever longed for, and so many more things I’d never even considered asking for. It was love — pure, unadulterated, earth-shaking love — that changed you and your perspective on the world. I was so consumed with love that I failed to notice that behind the face of this broken-winged bird, whom I desperately wanted to save, lurked a vulture hungry for my soul and vitality.

The worst was yet to come: the realization that this love — so pure and primal — only existed in my head, and that what I thought to be the greatest love on earth was nothing more than fueling someone’s unrequited self-love.

I used to believe that narcissism was all about self-love until I learned that there is another side to it. It’s even more terrifying than self-love; it’s unrequited self-love. Emily Levine says

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