When Narcissists Won’t Let Go

Be wary of narcissists who use hoovering to entice you out. Relationships with narcissists don’t necessarily end with a split. Many people would not let you go, even though it was they who ended the relationship and even though they have a new girlfriend. They won’t take “no” for an answer.

Since a breakup or divorce, they hoover in an effort to rekindle the relationship or remain friends. According to a report, narcissists and psychopaths keep in touch with their ex-partners for selfish purposes. They attempt to ingratiate themselves into your life or seduce and persuade you to return. They’ll go to whatever length to entice you back.

Since they pull you right in after you’ve actually broken out of the toxic relationship, this action is known as hoovering, after the popular Hoover cleaner. Be on the lookout for a bait-and-switch tactic. Narcissists are skilled manipulators who are aware of the weaknesses.

With calls for support, loving gestures, tweets, or cards or presents on important days or anniversaries, they speak to the emotions. Financial aid, feigned compassion, pleading, envy, sex, romantic gestures, or assurances of change are all used to seduce you. They can send cryptic messages via social media, plan “fortunate” interactions at your favorite hangouts, or hire “flying monkeys” — friends and family — to do their bidding for them. They use threats, blame, and embarrassment to wear you down if it doesn’t succeed.

You’re open to being pulled back in whether you really love or have feelings for your ex and hope the relationship will change. Victims of brutality sometimes return, only to be victimized even more. Don’t be duped. If you stay calm, they might show their true colors and attack you.

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