When a narcissist sees you as being too strong, this is what they’ll do!

Narcissists desire nothing more than to be in a position of power and control. These individuals have a great need to exert authority and command over the people in their surroundings, including their spouses, co-workers, and friends. This need drives them to behave dominantly and aggressively. So why do people act in such a manner? Because they don’t have the impression that they’re in control of the situation, and because they’re unclear about what to do, they will attempt anything that has a chance of being successful.

There are a lot of people who have been in violent, abusive relationships that have continued for a very long time with narcissists. Both codependency and narcissism are characterized by an obsession with achieving power and authority over other people. They’re going to make an effort to control you regardless of whether or not they believe that you will be an easy or tough target for them.

10 Weird Habits Of A Covert Narcissists

We will take a look at some of the strategies that narcissists use to get rid of people they view as threats to them. These are the individuals who are not readily swayed by the opinions of others. They’re powerful and self-reliant individuals, and they’re individuals who have developed in both their thinking and their deeds.

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