When A Narcissist Meets A Strong Opponent, This Is What They Do To Break You.

Narcissists always crave power; they will often put you in a position where you’re unable to defend yourself. Their goal is to render you helpless and completely reliant on them. It is their goal to instill in you the notion that after they’re gone, you will never be good enough for anybody or anything. Obviously, they aren’t going to be there to clean up the messes they’ve made because that’s not what they do.

The only thing a narcissist can do to you is psychological and emotional harm. You will be manipulated and, in order to deceive you, they will concoct fantastical tales and fabricate your own world.

In today’s article, I will discuss three ways narcissists attempt to discredit us, narcissists enter our lives with the express intention of taking everything from us and because they are willing to ruin everything in their path. They exploit the power of love and light to tame and control their victims. They are perpetually searching for food. They will utilize all means required to obtain wealth, power, and influence.

The Unspoken Regrets Of The Narcissist

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